Who we are

10 Years Of Experience

AFTC Trading and Contracting’s aim is to be the leading Land Survey, Geophysical Surveys and Geotechnical Services company in Qatar. We have been providing specialist land and engineering survey services to a wide range of infrastructure, construction, and development projects in Qatar.

We have the latest proven equipments to be used in the field and most cost effective service to provide our clients. Our crew consist of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced manpower to serve our client in an efficient and professional way.

We have carried out many projects for our clients in Qatar. Every project, regardless of the size, accomplished with expertise, technology and equipment required to meet the client’s needs. While providing surveying services, we have always maintained quality assurance, proficiency to the required standard of our clients.

We have highly qualified and experienced manpower on board to serve the clients in an efficient and professional. we deliver superior services whilst emphasizing the quality of the deliverables and safety of our people, operation and the environment.

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Our Mission

Provide quality professional services for
the benefit of all our clients while ensuring
safety of our team and continue to innovate.


Our Vision

Become one of the leading survey firms in Qatar
by providing quality and professional service
to our clients


Our Values

Teamwork, Integrity, Professionalism
Adherence to deadlines,
Respect the environment

Our Main Clients