Topographical Survey

We gather survey data about the natural and man-made features of land, as well as its elevations. From this information a three-dimensional map may be prepared.
You may prepare the topographic map in the office after collecting the field data by GPS or Total Station.

Surveys we perform for,

Construction Survey

Surveying is a vital part of any construction project, from the design phase to construction. Information from the surveyors is a critical part of each phase of the project. We provide support to your construction activities throughout your project and establishment of accurate control stations and benchmarks.

Our services are:

As-built Survey

Measurements of an inside and outside of a building with very accurate lasers, and then creating a drawing which shows the exact dimensions and layout of the building. An As-Built drawing, as the name suggests, shows the current layout of the building “as it was built”. As-Built Surveys are carried out during or immediately after a construction project for record, completion evaluation and payment purposes.

Utility Survey

We specialise in the location and mapping of underground utilities such as buried cables and pipes. We provide a comprehensive drawing package containing the above ground features as well as the below ground assets utilising a viariety of tools and equipment our teams are able to locate, position and map buried services. We undertake  geophysical survey of underground utilities such as water pipes, electric cables, telecommunication cables, etc.

Our solutions include,

Team Hire

We also provide on hire survey teams (survey engineer, surveyor and / or survey helper), with or without survey equipment.